Vendor Subscription Package is an e-commerce platform that provides a meeting point for both vendors (sellers) and buyers(customers) of all goods and valuables, either physical goods or electronic goods (downloadable products) as a Vendor you are be able to offer you good(s) for sale on our platform, we ensure your goods reach the world at the nick of time, we don’t only sell for you, we offer several free professional, management and marketing guide that will help your business grow within time. We offer you very rich and feature loaded membership subscription packages all to make your business the best. Whatever trade you are into from Small and Medium Scale Business to large store or an upcoming producer. Japlasa is your best marketplace.   


PLATINUM PACKAGE : The platinum membership subscription package is a feature rich  package  with several up and running benefits for vendors. vendor as right to feature products and many more

GOLD PACKAGE (GMS) The Gold Membership Subscription (GMS) package is a feature rich package loaded with tons of benefits for vendors, you are a highly valued member with this packages

SILVER PACKAGE the silver membership subscription (SMP)package is a feature rich package loaded with series of benefits for vendors, you are sure a prime member with this package

Bronze Package (BMP): The Bronze membership subscription(BMP) package is a subset of the standard package it is a great package with lots of benefits for vendors, you a great member with this package. this membership package is designed for vendors in the property and cars sale business, those whose products are not sold online but wish to advertise their products with

Standard Package  A (SPa): This is a standard package, it is a great package with benefits for vendors, you are a  valued vendor  with this package

Standard package B (free)This is a standard package category, it is a free package with a limited days period   it is a great package with benefits for vendors, you are a respected vendor with this package